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Sunday March 26, 2023 10:30am - Brandon Terry

Dear Engaged Spirituality Family,

“We need to focus on what King actually said and believed instead of what he’s come to represent.

We treat King with a dual phenomenon of ritual celebration and intellectual marginalization. (This is) partly related to how we tell the story of the civil rights movement and particularly, how we tell King’s role in the civil rights movement

o As a romantic narrative,

o A calling together of Americans to transcend racial division and come together in a unifying way,

o A more perfect union, as a transcendence of essential American goodness over transitory American evils.

It trains us to treat King as the kind of person who’s not doing any original political thinking. What he’s doing is calling us to be true to who we always already were. Not the way he challenged us to think about

o Violence.

o Segregation, both de facto and de jure.

o Economic justice.

That’s a real problem because it evades the most incisive, challenging and generative contributions that his public philosophy makes for our era.”

These words of Brandon Terry begin our discussion of the Ezra Klein podcast interview with him - “A Revelatory Tour of Martin Luther King, Jr’s Forgotten Teaching.”

Link to podcast:

I am so happy to have Kevin Anderson co-host our sessions for this podcast!!!

Please join us for Engaged Spirituality on

Sunday March 26 at 10:30 AM PST

Brandon Terry is the John L. Loeb associate professor of social sciences at Harvard, where he specializes in Black political thought. He is the co-editor of “To Shape a New World: Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” the editor of “Fifty Years Since MLK,” and the author of numerous popular and academic articles on King’s political thought. His work is committed to rescuing the nuances of Dr. King’s philosophies and forcing a confrontation with what King actually said and believed, rather than what he’s come to represent.

A transcript of this podcast is attached as well as a document that lists 13 topics for this podcast. Both word and pdf versions are attached.

I hope you can attend and will send you the Zoom connection as we get closer.

Take care,


Topics for Ezra Klein Brandon Terry Podcast
Download PDF • 248KB

Topics for Ezra Klein Brandon Terry Podcast
Download DOCX • 60KB

Ezra Klein Brandon Terry Transcript
Download PDF • 183KB

Ezra Klein Brandon Terry Transcript
Download DOCX • 48KB

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