With great joy we announce that we will have our first service back in the sanctuary on Sunday August 1, 2021 at 11:00. Masks are optional; required if not vaccinated.


For August we will have in-person services on August 1, 15, 29. We hope to have these live-streamed. On the alternating Sundays of August 8 & 22 we will have Zoom Fellowship meetings.



Every Sunday at 11:00am

Please join us after service for a

Fellowship Hour of food and friendship.

Explore past services here.



We gather at 11 am on Sundays in the Sanctuary. Our gatherings are casual and you are welcome to come dressed in whatever you are comfortable wearing.

Our worship service is so designed to address itself to the deepest need and aspirations of the human spirit. In doing so, it does not seek to undermine whatever may be the religious context which gives meaning and richness to your particular life, but rather to deepen the authentic lines along which your quest for spiritual reality has led you.

Sunday gathering can be expressed in four major movements, which come together to create one seamless tapestry of worship.

The four movements are:

  1. Ingathering of Community

  2. Practicing the Presence

  3. Resting in the Presence

  4. Sending Forth



Fellowship Church is a creative venture in interracial, intercultural, and interdenominational communion. In faith and genius it is Christian.

While it derives its inspiration primarily from the source of Hebrew Christian thought and life, it affirms the validity of spiritual insight wherever found and seeks to recognize, understand, and appreciate every aspect of truth whatever the channel through which it comes.

It believes that human dignity is inherent in each person as a creature of God, and it interprets the meaning of human life as essentially spiritual. It recognizes and affirms that the God of Life and the God of Religion are one and the same, and that the normal relationship of people as children of one God is one of understanding, confidence and fellowship.



This Church undertakes to make specific impact upon the community through a membership committed to the application of the principles of the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples in everyday living.

Each member is called upon to find their own avenue of practical expression in fulfilling the Commitment both in their own life and through active participation in the program of the Church.

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