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Sunday January 22, 2023 10:30am - Thurman's Audio Sermons of Jesus and the Disinherited

Dear Engaged Spirituality Family,

I am so happy to invite you all as we reconvene Engaged Spirituality on Sunday January 22 at 10:30 AM PST and discuss the last sermon of Howard Thurman’s 1959 Sermon Series, Jesus and the Disinherited Sermon 12 - “Love” from May 24, 1959.

Here are some topics for our discussion: (You may have others you would like us to discuss.):

1. Olive Shriners’ Case for the Timeless Validity of the Love Ethic.

2. Hatred is Positive and Destructive

3. Love is Positive and Creative

4. Does the Insistence to Act out of One’s Center as a Child of God take on a Different Character for Those Who Find Themselves with Their Backs Against the Wall?

5. Violence that Attacks the Dignity of My Spirit

6. The Nonviolence that I Use in order to bring about social change must not be other than the technique that I use in my private personal intimate relations.”

7. Fear Feeds Individuals who Exercise Violence

8. To Love Those whose Activities Work Against the Furtherance of Life and its Maintenance is a Spiritual Act.

Here is the link for Sermon 12:

I hope you can attend and will send you the Zoom connection before the January 22 meeting

Attached is the abridged transcript for Sermon 12

You may also like to check out this link before January 22.

“Conversation with Howard Thurman – 2:

I will send you the ZOOM link soon!

Take care,


Unabridged Transcript Sermon 12 Love
Download PDF • 255KB

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