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Sunday February 25, 2024 10:30am The Way of the Mystics

Dear Engaged Spirit Family,

At our next meeting of Engaged Spirituality on Sunday February 25 at 10:30 AM-PT, 11:30 AM-MT, 12:30 PM-CT, 1:30 PM ET we will end our discussion of The Way of the Mystics with the last 3 chapters:

1) The Religion of the Inner Life - Pages 112-120.

2) Mysticism and Social Change: God as Presence – Pages 121-140.

3) Mysticism and Social Change: Rufus Jones – pages 141-160.

As you read these chapters what touches you and what thoughts and questions come up?

Here is a summary of The Religion of the Inner Life and some excerpts from the introductions to the other 2 chapters:

Excerpts from the last 2 Chapters:

·       Mysticism and Social Change: God As Presence

o   “This lecture covers: the nature of the mystic’s experience, the connection between sin and suffering, Thurman’s encounters with ghosts during his Florida childhood, his summer of military training at Howard University, watching a baseball game, and the final moments of Jesus on the cross.”

o   “Thurman also discusses the spiritual disciplines of detachment, prayer, and meditation.”

·       Mysticism and Social Change: Rufus Jones

o   “Thurman’s 6 months studying with Rufus Jones was a watershed in his intellectual and spiritual development. Jones introduced Thurman to the long Quaker history of combining spiritual inspiration with social activism, what Jones called 'affirmation mysticism.'”

In March we begin the book, What Makes You Come Alive, A Spiritual Walk with Howard Thurman, by Lerita Coleman Brown. We are delighted to have Elaine Stolp as co-host for this book.

Take care,

Ellen and Eileen

ZOOM information to be posted as we get closer to February 25

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