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Follow Up to May 10, 2020 Zoom Meeting

Prayer read by Dr. Blake And now may we breathe in the love that cannot be quarantined or contained, distanced or denied, and in deep gratitude once again offer all that we are and all that we have to press on  - for, in the words of Vincent Harding: "There are new worlds to build, new visions to carry forward, new companions at the wall, new days to begin."  Heal our hurt, strengthen our bodies, calm our fears, revive our hope.  Liberating God, pour down your Holy Spirit upon us.  For when your Spirit moves the weariness rolls off our shoulders and we rise up to be all you created us to be; when your Spirit moves then dreams are not illusions but might visions that shake up the nation; when your Spirit moves then walls that divide come tumbling down and we dance on the common ground of your amazing grace.  May it be so.  Amen.                                                                                         Author: Rev. Dr. Janet Wolf Information (Links) Shared by Zoom Participants From Alice:

The series is "Under the Blacklight" by the African American Policy Forum (Click Here) The past several weeks have prompted unprecedented levels of turmoil and unpredictability due to rising alarm over COVID-19. While American society has taken precautionary measures to counter the spread of the virus, those most vulnerable to societal neglect remain most impacted. Coronavirus did not create the stark social, financial, and political inequalities that define life for so many Americans, but it has made them more strikingly visible than any moment in recent history. Unfortunately, some of the intersectional dimensions of these structural disparities remain undetected and unreported. As we witness this unprecedented moment, some of us from home and some of us from the front lines, we want to take the opportunity to gather together and share a piece of what we’re each seeing and experiencing. Join us on May 13th at 8:00 p.m. EST (5:00 p.m. PST) as thought leaders around the country discuss the current crisis, explore how we can move forward together to protect and uplift the most vulnerable among us, and imagine the world we hope to see emerge on the other side. From Steve:  Please check out the Covid-19 Global Solidarity Manifesto (Click Here) The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the urgency of changing global structures of inequity and violence. We, people around the world, will seize this historical moment. We are building solidarity at every level: local, national, global. Despite the need to physically distance, we are building mutual aid groups, community networks, and social movements. We declare this manifesto today to offer a vision of the world we are building, the world we are demanding, the world we will achieve. From CJ Verburg:  Here is the link to performances streaming from the UK & elsewhere - Whats On Stage, At Home  (Click Here)

Theatres might currently be on shutdown with us all cooped up at home, but our guide will keep you up-to-date on accessing amazing theatre online (often for free) along with fun stagey features and interviews to keep you entertained - from the comfort of your own sofa! We'll make sure you don't miss a thing.

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