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The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples is an interfaith, interracial, intercultural community of seekers dedicated to personal empowerment and social transformation through an ever deepening relationship with the Spirit of God in All Life.


Our worship service is so designed to address itself to the deepest need and aspirations of the human spirit. In doing so, it does not seek to undermine whatever may be the religious context which gives meaning and richness to your particular life, but rather to deepen the authentic lines along which your quest for spiritual reality has led you.

The Commitment

I affirm my need for a growing understanding of all peoples as children of God, and I seek after a vital experience of God as revealed in Jesus of Nazareth and other great religious spirits whose fellowship with God was the foundation of their fellowship with all people.

I desire to share in the spiritual growth and ethical awareness of people of varied national, cultural, racial, and creedal heritage united in a religious fellowship.


I desire the strength of corporate worship through membership in The Church for The Fellowship of All Peoples, with the imperative of personal dedication to the working out of God’s purposes here and in all places.


The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples was founded in 1944 by Dr. Howard Thurman and Dr. Alfred Fisk as the nation’s first interracial interfaith congregation, and for over 75 years the church has helped people to discover God’s purpose for their lives.


Check out our video and audio recordings of sermons and special events. Browse through our archives of photos and programs from over the years of amazing guest speakers and recipients of the Howard Thurman Award at our annual Convocation.

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We welcome you to our 11:00am Sunday services. Check our calendar to see who is speaking each week, as well as to find information for any special upcoming events. Check out our services page for more detailed information on what to expect at Sunday services.

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